Live Green at Lindy

The Lindy Communities proudly provides environmentally friendly living reducing our collective carbon footprint and resident utility expenses. Through efficient central boilers, central heating and air conditioning, windows, and solar panels, resident gas heat and hot water often average under $25 a month! Electricity in every community comes 100% from Wind Power.

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Live Green at Lindy

The Lindy Communities  proudly provides environmentally friendly living  reducing our collective carbon footprint and resident utility expenses. Through  efficient central boilers, central heating and air conditioning, windows, and solar panels,  resident gas heat and hot water often  average under $25 monthly! Electricity at every community comes 100% from Wind Power.

Solar Panels

Lindy Communities is a leader in solar panels, winning the 2010 Green power Award by the Citizens for Pennsylvania Future (Penn Future). Residents of Eola Park, Fountain Gardens, Gateway Towers, Longwood Manor, Sedgwick Gardens, and Academia Suites enjoy hot water supplied by the Sun, collectively saving enough Natural Gas “to replace over 1,500,000 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.”
Nine commercial-sized solar hot water systems were installed on Lindy properties and estimated to save about 33,000 ccfs of natural gas per year. This is equivalent to zeroing out natural gas emissions from about 41 Pennsylvania households. According to Alan Rushforth of Rushforth Engineering, “This is equivalent to zeroing out…Hat’s off to Lindy Properties for their attention to smart energy-saving strategies and to environmental preservation.”
-Alan Rushforth, Rushforth Solar

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Upon completing the nine separate solar panel systems, Lindy Communities was honored with the 2010 Green Power Award by the Citizens for Pennsylvania Future (Penn Future).

Our mission is your
Carbon Footprint

Your community’s common area and exterior lighting, amenities, and 100% of the electricity are generated by Renewable Wind Power. Among communities that pay PECO, 100% of the electricity for every apartment is also generated by Wind power, at no additional cost to yourself. Collectively, the annual Wind Powered Carbon Dioxide savings surpasses the emission generated by 11,000 vehicles.
Separately, heating and hot water equipment is so efficient that Natural Gas heat and hot water costs average less than $25 a month for most apartments! All the common areas, exterior lighting, and much of your apartment is lit by Energy Efficient LED.

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Electricity Generated by Wind Power

Every Philadelphia and suburban Lindy Community supplies Electricity Generated 100% by renewable wind power this includes every amenities area, leasing office, and exterior lighting throughout. More impressive, wind power also generates 100% of all the electricity for every apartment at the Towers at Wyncote, 251 DeKalb, Meadowbrook, Park at Westminster, Haverford, Longwood Manor, Bromley House, Mt. Air Place, Sedgwick Gardens, Academia Suite, Regency House, York House, and York North.

Collectively, Lindy Communities in the Philadelphia area and NJ office campus generate by renewable wind power, 74 Million kilowatts of electricity.  The chart below illustrates what 74 Million kilowatts translates into.

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Pa and NJ Properties:
Below illustrates what 74 Million kilowatts translates into.

Equivalency Results

The sum of greenhouse gas emissions you entered above is of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent. This is equivalent to 52,231 Metric tons

Green house gas emissions from


Passenger vehicles 
driven for one year


Miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

CO2 emissions from


gallons of gasoline consumed


gallons of diesel consumed


Pounds of coal burned


tanker trucks’ worth of gasoline


homes’ energy use for one year


homes’ electricity use for one year


railcars’ worth of coal burned


barrels of oil consumed


propane cylinders used for home barbeques


coal-fired power plants in one year


number of smartphones charged

Green house gas emissions avoided by


Tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled


Garbage trucks of waste recycled instead of landfilled


trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled


Wind turbines running for a year


Incandescent lamps switched to LEDs

Carbon sequestered by


tree seedlings grown for 10 years


acres of U.S. forests in one year


acres of U.S. forests preserved from conversion to cropland in one year

Energy Efficient

The State-of-the-Art Lochinvar Boilers supply every Lindy Community with Central Heat and/or Central Water. Modern windows, advanced boilers, new central air and heating equipment, proper insulation, LED lighting, water conservation, trash recycling collectively offer Residents a living green, carbon footprint sensitive lifestyle.

Every Lindy Community experienced savings of Natural Gas, Electricity, and Water consumption. Some at Eye-popping levels. Apartment natural gas bills, including for winter heating, average under $25 a month! City officials pushing Greening have responded that $25 monthly is not possible. BUT IT IS TRUE.

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Lindy Communities eco-friendly apartments include:

  • New Exterior and New Common Area LED lighting- throughout every community.
  • LED light bulbs in almost every kitchen and Bathroom.
  • Water-saving toilets, kitchen, and Bathroom aerators, saving showerheads, and energy efficient washers.
  • Recycling in Every Community, recycling papers, plastics, bottles, and cardboard.
  • Energy Star Appliance Packages.
  • Environmentally green approved Low Voc paint.
  • Lindy Communities promotes the use of sustainable products.
  • Energy-efficient Central Air Conditioning. When compared to prior experiences, residents are amazed by their savings.
  • To save trees, residents receive emails including monthly statements and can easily make payments online.
Electric car charge

At Select Communities:

Community Gardens

Vehicle Chargers for Electric Cars

Car Sharing


Healthy food options with vending machines in every Management Office.

Fitness Centers, or access to, at Every Community

Bicycling Sharing Services

Green Building

Lindy Communities reduces the construction and renovation impacts on land consumption and ecosystems.

construction helmut plans

Sustainable Supply Chain

Lindy Communities supports sustainable procurement practices by considering the materials, logistics, and performance of all purchases.

Highlights include:

To reduce emissions pollution from transporting goods, Lindy Communities limits the number of vendors from which our communities source materials, emphasizing local suppliers. This results in fewer trips to and from distribution centers and fewer emissions produced to bring the products to our communities.

Recyclable brown bag

Recycling Waste

Lindy Communities recycles to minimize waste through improved planning and awareness with our residents encouraged to participate in a robust recycling effort.

Highlights include:

To increase recycling and minimize the need for virgin resources, Lindy Communities has initiated at every one of our communities at recycling program for handling cardboard, metals, plastics, glass and paper.

box of recyling and hand

Outreach and Education​

Lindy Communities promotes sustainability through education and communication  partnering with local utilities, suppliers of high-efficiency commercial products and installers.

Girl painting recyling symbol

Thank you for supporting our dedication to sustainability and helping us make a difference. Please feel free to contact one of our fine communities or our Corporate Office for more information about these and other efforts, and to find out how you can help us to help the environment.